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Thawra? : Revolution?

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

So, the Lebanese are slowly emerging from their homes, since the drip-drops of a revolution started a month ago, literally under a rainstorm (hats off to those who marched through that one, drenched by the end), to march with supporters of the anti-sectarian¬† movement. Sunday’s (March 20) demonstration yielded the biggest crowd of the three total demonstrations thus far – over 15,000 people.

There was definitely a fever that could be felt in this demonstration. Truly a glimmer of hope arose from the crowd’s chanting, the growing number and the hodgepodge of people; we met a few girls from the Bekka, who said they were part of a 4-bus caravan. People of all ages, nationalities, religions, and neighborhoods were present.

Though, perhaps it is a glimmer of hope, only,¬† at this point. When I asked someone close to the local politicians if anybody was concerned with the demonstrations, he curled his lip upside down and shook his head – as if it was right down there on the list with worrying about the mountain of garbage in Saida. But when I asked him, “What if the movement keeps getting bigger and bigger?” He shrugged and said, “Well, then something has to be done.”

Most people are shocked, it seems, with the faces that have showed up at these demonstrations – and the continued mushrooming of the crowd. It is hard to believe, in this country, that there are so many people who truly believe in a united civil society, one that doesn’t have to be sliced up along religious lines. It’s hard to believe. But, it seems, there’s hope?

Demonstrations will be taking place every Sunday; I will update with details. Word for this Sunday is BYBLOS.

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The music in this video is by local hip-hop artist Rayess Bek. Thanks to Rami R. for putting the following video together.