What Business Is It of Yours? : UPDATE

September 4th, 2010

Today at the corner of Sanayeh Gardens, I saw a familiar figure leaning against the wall in a way that triggered my memory: His left leg slightly bent, his foot pressed up behind him. I almost passed him when I suddenly stopped and turned to him.

“Were you the one who saved me from the walrus taxi driver who wanted to slap me in the middle of the street?” I asked.

He hardly hesitated, “Yes!”

“Oh my gosh, thank you!” I proceeded to give him a hug (a natural inclination).

He laughed, we laughed.

“Thank you so much! You saved me! You were like an angel!”

“That guy came back and gave me trouble at work…”

I raised an eyebrow.

“After one hour, he came back, got out of his car, and asked me, ‘What is it your business to get involved… she swore at me! She deserves to be beaten!’”

Here he looked at me and said, “I’m Sudani, we don’t let a girl get hurt in front of us. Moustaheel.” And so he told walrus, who was having none of it.

“Inta, it’s none of your business! I’m gonna get the police and have you arrested!”

And evidently, his employers at the pharmacy felt the same way. Why did you get involved? They had asked. What business is it of yours?

Again, it was reassuring to know that my countrymen are so freaking protective of each other – from the taxi driver to the pharmacy owner… (see if I ever buy another deoderant from him)…

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  1. Maria says:

    Once, I was standing in a little side street waiting for my friend to come down from her apartment. I was standing in the “right way,” as in not “3akes el seir.” And then this taxi driver drives all the way up to me, 3akes el seir, quite slowly, expecting me to move for him. Well it was a very narrow street, and there was nowhere for me to go except to back out onto the main road, and I could not believe his audacity! So i just sat there in my car. And he started to beep his horn at me and scream and curse. So I locked the doors and closed the windows. And then he started to rev his engine, as though he were going to crash into me. And I just sat there. His beeps got louder and my blood pressure got higher, but I didn’t budge. *insert string of arabic swearwords involving his mother and sister.* And then the Sri-Lankan and Indian doormen of the street came out and yelled at him and told him to go away. He got so angry that he reversed really fast and crashed into a pole. Ahbal.

    I can’t believe the walrus wanted to slap you. Shu bala zo2! Cursing at a man is not acceptable, but slapping a woman is?

  2. Rima says:

    ha! good for you maria! and your final question is a damn good one!

  3. Simon says:

    okay, i can manage to understand the walrus was so upset and went back to shout at that angel for preventing him from attacking you; but i can’t believe the pharmacy owners came back at the hero blaming him for his kind and courageous act.
    you do well by not buying any deodorant from them anymore… lol
    we all have to “care more often to put ourselves in the middle”.

  4. M . J says:

    Walruses live in the Arctic, North Atlantic, and North Pacific Oceans and have a big appetite. Their favorite food is clams, but they also eat snails, crabs, shrimp, mud worms, urchins and mussels. They don’t eat every day, but when they do, they eat a lot. It seems that your predator had an empty stomach on that day so you just got nibbled on, lucky crab. Walruses can range from being corporate managers, taxi drivers, secretaries, parents, or even dentists. It’s unfair to compare only frustrated taxi drivers to walruses. I’ve been almost snatched once by a banker walrus, luckily I have very sharp chelipeds!

  5. Rima says:

    Well, MJ, I would love to hear about your banker walrus :) If there were time, I would talk about the purse snatching walruses, the darak walruses, the beating-a-girl’s head-into-a-garage-because-she broke-up-with-him walrus, and the walruses who stood around and watched… and many more! (… thanks for the info bits…). And thanks for reading!

  6. M . J says:

    Poor natural walruses, aren’t that cruel. Should call the aforementioned “People with a bow up their bums” (Horizontally speaking).

    In a line once at the bank, the clerk had a grim, sucking his cheekbones and pitching away cheques like fish on the counter. My turn, had already observed his “style”, i was in the defensive aggressive stance like a good crab, anticipating a bad move to kick in. As soon as zombie tossed the receipt on the counter for me to sign… I hit its head with the plastic pen. Pen ticked loudly and bounced back at me to catch, it was fantastic! and loudly I said “deal with your customers with respect”. It stood up and spat a few spicy words at me then left backstage. I didn’t mind. Somebody else took over.

  7. Rima says:

    That’s amazing… I’m in awe of the audacity of clicking a pen on someone’s head bc of their incompetence!

    Honestly, the taxi driver looked like a walrus. (Even if he isn’t like one…)

  8. M . J says:

    Incompetence but annoyingly rude. Throwing receipts in on the counter like fishing oysters. Any newsletter for this blog? My email is registered.

  9. personally it shows me the inherent racism of some people. If your angel had been a Lebanese zaim, different attitude altogether.

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