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April 20th, 2010

Another Fool trying to tell women what to do. How will the Iranian women respond? Will we hear any of it?

This woman has a… reply… for that mofo.

If you had trouble understanding the woman on the video, for clarification please see the following script which she attached to her video.

at the end-speak out openly.

now you hav eproves that iran gov, persecute my quake read mad from it- an dfabricating scaringly -the just sport anyalysis-what I possess good-

but iran firmly middle age mistifying it obviously accuse me in woodoo-an drelating it direct to iran protests(and other one)

they make so impossibl epersecution of this my capabiliti mobilizing authorities and population ag me – on russian terr as if we are in iran

direct increasing heir elementary uneducating.

they say at last the news- thye stak eon me cause quakes but not read them


this si too much even for my religuious feel-

while by energetical laws under such level of unjustic ewhat i feel an dconnection with informational flows it even could b e- concrete to say

it must be-

becuase justice must exist

but it does not.

owr body and face and move are holy subject what islam can nto understand-

and its beauty an dalso old age is holy-

whta budhists understand but mosnel want to kill murder abiolish.

if allah says beuty nust not exits -stop existance of allahk.


we are on west-russia territory.

we ar enot moslem.

I express protest to kremlin gov. which allow such middle age obscurantism in serious manner of state mass persecution-

from mass seige abuse insults;

isolation from computing for i will nto get confirmtaion-

up to


rape efforts ect/.


iran contradits itself –

if me is posychiatry how they try to reprersent me-

then me is not wodoo on such impossibnb;le level who cna cuase quakes.

we pray to god abotu justiuce duirgn this moment

and maybe


issued the justice in quakes bec of this.

if otehr =just sport explanation iran doe snto undertsand.

4. to usa.

plseas think seriously,what kind of counterpart you have

and what you hsould do for to stop it.

5. please,defend me from this middel age reprisal.

6/and 1st-

we pray to god an dhe listen to us.and you.

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